Self Empowerment

Growing up we’re told that arrogance is wrong so many times that our line between confidence and arrogance has blurred. When someone says we’re beautiful, we’re talented, we’re smart we smile timidly. I’m personally okay with admitting the beauty of others. I can find positive qualities in everyone but it seems myself. I feel uncomfortable telling myself I’m beautiful and smart and talented because society determines my value. It’s based on what everyone else thinks but I have felt minimal gratification from compliments. And besides being showered with kind words I still feel inadequate. My value isn’t solidified until I myself understand and appreciate it. I’m tired of telling myself other girls are more beautiful and interesting. I read a quote by Wiz khalifa “worrying is stupid it’s like holding an umbrella waiting for it to rain”. And I agree. Though one day I might not be hurt as much by being left for someone more interesting or pretty because I worried so much Im also tired of holding the umbrella waiting for that day. I want to be confident enough in myself to not worry nonstop about being good enough. I want to put down the umbrella and enjoy the sunshine of today.


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