Being the Khloe to my sister’s Kim

If you’ve ever been so inclined as to pay attention to the Kardashians even for a second you’d understand why i refer to myself as the Khloe of my family instead of the age old ‘ugly duckling’. My mother and sister, both blessed with light features, undoubtedly catch the eye of any stranger. A year ago while I still lived at home I hardly noticed just how gorgeous my sister was but as soon as I moved out BAM realization nation. I’d look at her Instagram and question how we even existed in the same species yet alone gene pool. A bit insecure (without a concrete explanation), I became even more so in the summer months I’ve spent around my sister & mother. During our trip to an exotic country where men quite literally gawked at them I felt embarrassed that I felt jealous and not outraged. As a feminist I should have been furious that anyone would objectify my beautiful relatives but instead all I kept thinking about was feeling invisible. Granted some of my paranoia and fears are fabricated I’m sure and to some I am just as worthy as attention as my sister is. But in a world that exalts light eyed and haired beauties it’s very hard to see my dark features as beautiful. It’s a daily struggle of learning to love being Khloe & appreciating the blessing that is Kim.